Coming forward and speaking out about harassment and discrimination can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Los Defensores attorneys can assist you in defending your legal rights and pursuing maximum compensation for any wrong done to you.

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Our team understands that navigating employment claims can be career-altering and intimidating. We are here to guide you through the process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With an average wait time of only ten seconds, our intake specialists will listen to your concerns, note pertinent details about your situation, and do our best to connect you to an

attorney who can take on your case. In some instances, you may be connected to one of our vetted law firms in a matter of minutes.

2) You’ll Get Advice Directly from Our Lawyers

The attorney consultation is free, and our experienced lawyers will explain necessary next steps based on the facts of your case and your local jurisdiction. They will review any relevant documentation you may have and then offer an assessment of your overall case. They can also narrow down the best options for your situation and guide you towards the most successful possible outcome.

3) You’ll Level the Playing Field

Many employees may only file a complaint once or twice in their lifetime. But employers may deal with dozens of harassment and discrimination cases. They will also have outside law firms representing their interests and may bank on you not knowing your rights. Our knowledgeable Los Defensores attorneys can help you at any stage of a complaint by explaining which type of evidence can best support your claims, how to get it, and how to hold your company accountable.

The experienced lawyers with Los Defensores have been successfully settling employment cases for over two decades.

We Know There Are Lots of Questions. Let Us Answer a Few.

Our attorneys work with all facets of labor and employment law but specialize in harassment and discrimination claims.

Discrimination can take many forms and can negatively affect your hiring, conditions of employment, compensation, or prospects for promotion. It can even get you fired. If you have experienced less favorable treatment because of a bias based on your gender, age, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, you may have been subjected to discrimination.

Harassment involves conduct by the employer, supervisor, or co-worker that includes unwelcome advances or other conduct that is so offensive, intimidating, or abusive that it changes your work environment or even affects your performance.

For these and all other employment-related issues, feel free to contact our intake staff. They will connect you to the right attorney depending on your specific issue.

The attorney consultation is free, and our experienced lawyers will explain necessary next steps based on the facts of your case and your local jurisdiction. They will review any relevant documentation you may have and then offer an assessment of your overall case. They can also narrow down the best options for your situation and guide you towards the most successful possible outcome.   

No. The law prohibits retaliation against employees who report harassment and discrimination.

  1. Review company policies and procedures
    Review your company policies to see if any specific behaviors have been outlined in the document. Take note of expected steps on the part of the company when a complaint is filed.   
  2. Start a log  
    1. Write out a detailed chronology of events that include:   
    2. Date, time and location of the harassment   
    3. Names of any witnesses to the harassment (along with contact information)  
    4. What occurred during the harassment (specific details about what was said/done)  
    5. Anyone who spoke to you about the harassment and when  
    6. Actions taken by management  
  3. Collect supporting documentation
    Evidence comes in two forms: documentary or testimonial. Be sure to include emails, memos, audio video recordings, medical records and police reports (if harmed). Preserve every text message, email, and social media chat. If relying on eyewitness testimony, make notes of what occurred, and try to stick to the facts. 
  4. File a complaint with your supervisor or HR in writing
    It is critical to any future litigation against your employer that they were aware of the incident(s) and that you have written documentation where possible. If your employer fails to treat your complaint seriously, investigate and/or take corrective action, as they may be on the hook.
    Once an investigation is underway, take note of who conducted the interviews and any updates you receive. If your employer has tainted the investigation in any way, an attorney can obtain copies of these reports. They will also advocate on your behalf to identify biases, challenge findings, and hold your employer accountable.   
  5. File a complaint with the State or EEOC
    In certain states, an employee must first file a charge with their state and/or the federal government. If you have already made a complaint, be sure to share this information with your attorney.

The harasser’s actions may be a crime. If the harassment consisted of a physical attack, criminal sexual conduct, stalking, threats or another crime, the harasser may face criminal penalties.

Regardless of your legal immigration status, a lawyer will fight to help you get the justice you deserve.

Whats next?

Employers can be directly responsible for the actions of supervisors or other managers if the harassment results in tangible employment actions such as a termination or a denial of promotion. They are also responsible for harassment by supervisors and co-workers if they have knowledge of the harassment and fail to take meaningful corrective action.

Continue to document any instances where you are experiencing signs of hostility, such as being isolated or shut out of regular meetings, transferred to a job you do not want, being taken off of special assignments, or any other shifts in behavior. Being treated negatively could entitle you to file a retaliation claim against your employer.

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If you or a loved have been mistreated in the workplace, we strongly encourage you to retain the immediate representation of a labor and employment attorney by calling us today. Los Defensores attorneys may pursue compensation for unpaid wages, medical bills, missed time at work, emotional exhaustion, physical pain, suffering, and more.

We have helped thousands of employees secure justice in the face of employment law violations. If your employer has bullied, cheated or discriminated against you, taking legal action can help make it right. Our lawyers can guide you through the process, advising you on any potential compensation as well as the steps you need to take to receive justice.

Harassment and discrimination can make you feel powerless. With Los Defensores help, you can gain back power.

To ensure safe and professional handling of your labor and employment case, it’s vital to seek an experienced lawyer. Contact us now for a FREE consultation.