Hispanic Education Scholarships

Hispanic Education Scholarships

40 years of being the first

Like you, being the first is in the very essence of who we are—from being the first in our families to attend college, to owning a business, or even being the first one in the family to come to this country.  Since 1984, we’ve been at the forefront of empowering and protecting millions of Hispanic families seeking legal help – families like yours.

We also dedicate ourselves to changing lives for the better through the transformative power of education and community support. Pursue your aspirations in journalism, communication, or law by applying for the Hispanic Education Scholarship.

Empower your academic future with us

The Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation has partnered with Los Defensores to award five $5,000 scholarships to undergraduate students who are interested in completing a degree in journalism or communication and two $12,500 scholarships to graduate law students.

It’s our honor to support students who demonstrate not only academic excellence but also a desire to make a positive impact in the community.

Who can apply?

We understand the financial and personal struggle of pursuing higher education, and we’re here to support you in your educational journey. Here are the criteria we seek in our scholarship recipients. Please remember, meeting every criterion is not mandatory for eligibility.




Letter of recommendation from someone in your local community

Currently enrolled at a California based school with interests in journalism or law.

Submitted application

Note that funds are taxable to the person receiving. We collect a W-9 and send a 1099 form at year end for tax purposes. Scholarships will be paid out to the school directly.

Application Process

Application will open on May 6, 2024, and winners will be notified the week of June 24, 2024.

Applications Open May 6, 2024
Submissions Due June 2, 2024
Live Interviews June 21, 2024
Winners Announced June 28, 2024

How the Hispanic Education Scholarships started

Los Defensores is proud to partner with spokesperson and legendary Los Angeles Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster, Jaime Jarrin, a revered figure in the Hispanic community since his arrival in Los Angeles from Ecuador. As an immigrant, Jaime came to the US filled with hopes and dreams, a vision inspired and strengthened by his wife, Blanca.

Jaime has been a member of the Dodgers since 1959, and his career spanning 60 years as the ‘Voz’ of the Dodgers was always supported by Blanca.

In 2019, the Jarrin family launched the Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation to serve and support charitable, educational, and athletic programs in the local community. Their mission is to help students unlock their full potential and realize their goals.

Our Mission

Empowering the Hispanic community, blazing new trails of prosperity, and breaking through barriers isn’t just our history; it’s our motivation to move forward and make a positive difference in society with you.

Interested in donating to the program?

We believe in the power of people coming together to help in the community through collective generosity. We understand that your decision on where to give back is personal.

Become part of a collective effort to turn educational aspirations into achievements. If you want to help college students to graduate and fulfill their dreams, we warmly invite you to join us. Your support can play a key role in changing our communities for the better.

Scholarship FAQ

Los Defensores believes in a bright future for all members of the community. We encourage undergraduates who are studying law, journalism, or communications in the greater Los Angeles area to apply.

While we would love to offer scholarships for students all over the country, at this time we are only able to offer these scholarships for undergraduates attending California State schools and for graduate students who are a part of the University of California school system.

While we will be choosing seven individual students to be awarded the scholarships, you are able to win this scholarship even if you’ve been awarded an education scholarship from another institution or organization. However, only one Jaime & Blanca scholarship will be given to each recipient.

Only one application per student is necessary. We will be reviewing all applications thoroughly, along with your essay answers to determine our local scholarship recipients. Winners will be announced on June 24, 2024.

The deadline to apply for our education scholarship is June 2, 2024. Because there are multiple phases of the application process for the scholarship, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Your education scholarship can be used for undergraduate courses, books, and materials.