Becas para educación

Latino Education Scholarships

Our Partnership with Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation

Preferences for Applicants

This scholarship program was created to help increase representation in the Latino community in the fields of law and journalism. We understand the financial and personal struggle of pursuing higher education and we are here to support you in your educational journey. Below are the criteria that we are looking for for our scholarship winners. Please note that you do not need to fit all the criteria.

2.5 GPA or higher

in Need of financial aid

Service in the Latino community

Letter of recommendation from someone in your local community

Currently enrolled at a US-based Liberal arts school with interest in journalism or law

Submit completed application

Note that funds are taxable to the person receiving. We collect a W-9 and send a 1099 form at year end for tax purposes. Scholarships will be paid out to the school directly.

How We Got Our Start

Los Defensores is proud to partner with spokesperson and Los Angeles Dodgers Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Jaime Jarrin, who has long been active in the community since he arrived in Los Angeles from Ecuador. He has served as a member of the Dodgers since 1959. His 60+ year career as the "Voz” of the Dodgers was supported and strengthened by his wife Blanca.

Their 65 year marriage was full of a love for their community. In 2019 the Jarrin Family launched, the Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation in order to serve and supporting charitable, educational, and athletic programs in our local community. Their mission is to help students unlock their full potential and realize their goals.

Our Mission

We wish to empower Latino students by providing them the means to unlock their full potential and realize their goals.

Last Years Scholarship Winners

Amy Hernandez

Astrid Saenz Meza

Cheyenne Rogers

Daniela Tinoco

Victor Adame